Kingroot APK 5.2.2 Download for Android & PC

Kingroot is an app used for rooting your android device or PC. It is the most used and popular app among users for rooting their device. Kingroot is a Chinese app which is available in Chinese language but now for android devices kingroot is available in both languages English and Chinese , but for PC kingroot is only available in Chinese language . Installing or downloading kingroot app in android devices is easy as you can easily understand the English language but for installing king root phone to your PC you need to have proper guidance as it is only available in Chinese language which you are unable to understand .

Kingroot for Android devices allows you fastest and safest rooting tool for rooting your device as we have told you earlier that Kingroot is available in 2 versions –

1 . Kingroot PC version: Kingroot for PC or desktop.

2 . Kingroot APK version: This version is for android devices .

Kingroot is available free of cost on online sites but you can not get it on Google play store . Kingroot allows to root your device in just a single click . It is one of the best application for those who want to root their device easily , safely , and fastly in just single click. Before going for king root you need to first of all check the compatibility of your Android device that it is compatible or not with your device . Kingroot tool is successfully working over all of the android versions like jellybean , Lollipop , Marshmallow and nougat for rooting system . So , if you are looking to root your device then we must say that it will be best to use Kingroot for rooting your device safely , easily and comfortably in just a couple of seconds . The one point to know is that Kingoroot APK does not work perfectly with all devices , it works perfectly with Nexus , but it has some issues and problem with Moto G devices.

Note: Rooting your device is very risky and sometimes can cause serious damage to your device so be aware of the risk and damage that can be caused by Kingroot.

How to root Android Phone?

Though there are some disadvantages of rooting Android there are some advantages too. Let us discuss this-

  • Rooting will unlock the hidden features and also make your device compatible with those features for which it was incompatible before.
  • Tasker is an awesome app that can automate anything on your phone . It is not necessary to root your device for installing or using this app but the rooting device can do a lot more.
  • Rooting will increase your device’s speed and battery life .
  • Ads on your device create problems for you and disturbs you , rooting will block the ads from all of the apps available on device .
  • After rooting your device you will be able to backup and restore your device even the system apps and its data also like titanium backup .
  • Rooting your device will make full access over your android device .

Points to remember before rooting Android Phone

1 . The warranty of your software will not be valid anymore after rooting your device.

2 . There are probabilities that your device might be damaged during rooting if does not handle with care.

3 . You can not claim anyone if any damage happens to your device after rooting.

4 . You should take proper care and the safest method for rooting your device. In this article, we will provide you the safest method of rooting.

5 . You can also unroot android in some cases in you do not like rooting.

Features of Kingroot Apk

Application name

File name

kingroot 522. APK



File size

20.43 MB

Updated on

26 September 2017

All Versions of Kingroot APK

1 .  Kingroot  v4.9.3

2 .  Kingroot  v4.9.6

3 .  Kingroot  v4.9.7

4 .  Kingroot  v5.0.0

5 .  Kingroot  v5.0.1

6 .  Kingroot  v5.0.2

7 .  Kingroot  v5.0.5

8 .  Kingroot  v5.0.6

9 .  Kingroot  v5.1.2

10 . Kingroot  v5.2.0

11.  Kingroot v5.2.1

12 . Kingroot  v5.2.2

Requirements of Kingroot APK

  • The operating system of your Android rooting device must be at least v2.3 or above.
  • Before installing this app you just need to allow the installation of apps from other sources.
  • You must have a backup of all your data because sometimes when you are rooting your device, the process might gets interrupted due to which all of your factory data can be corrupted or lost. So , take care of backup before rooting your device.
  • The best advantage of the application is the simplicity of this app. Installing this Kingroot APK makes you to root your device in very few and easy steps without even connecting to PC. This APK version is not only available for Android devices but are also available for PC. This app offers you a step wise procedure in which you just need to follow it and at last reboot your device.

Benefits of Kingroot APK Download

  • No expenditure:  Kingroot is totally free you need not to spend a single penny for downloading or installing Kingroot APK.

After installing you can also update your device free of cost means you need not to spend anything for updating. So , it will be a great option for those peoples who want to root their device without even any worry of the budget or amount.

  • It is easy and safe to use: The basic motive of Kingroot is to make your rooting process as fast and simple as possible just rooting your device in a single click.
  • Compatible with Android devices: The other thing which is the basic demand of everyone and also a query that will the app support their device or be compatible with it . As you know that rooting is a very risky work it might damage your phone so , you need to be very careful and aware when performing the procedure of rooting. Kingroot does not affect the security of your device, as it is a universal app for all Android devices. If you perform the procedure carefully and safely then after rooting it does not create any problem or damage to your device as other rooting apps can do. Kingroot is compatible with a lot of brands and models and working safely without any issue and problem.
  • Enhance the performance of your phone: By rooting your device, the performance and functionality of your device will definitely rise up . Yo will got a complete access over your android device. You will be able to remove some system apps which are not useful to you instead of disabling them . The battery life and speed of your device will get enhanced from before and make your device user – friendly.

We have known a lot about Kingroot APK now let us know how we can Kingroot download.

How to download Kingroot APK for Android

Step – 1: Go to Google play store and descargar kingroot or also you can go to the official website where you will get the link for downloading the Kingroot APK.

Step – 2: Now, download the APK file from the link.

Step – 3 : Wait till the downloading gets completed. Now look to the download section for Kingo Root download .

Step – 4 : Next you need to allow unknown sources for installing the app , for doing this follow the steps .

Step – 5 : Now , go to the mobile settings option and look for the option of security .

Step – 6 : Now , in security look for the option of unknown sources. Make it own so that you will be able to install the Kingroot APK.

Step – 7 : After giving access to unknown sources, go to the download section and look for your downloaded file. Click on the file.

Step – 8 : Now , you need to click on the install option which will be present at the right side corner of the screen .

Step – 9 : So , you have successfully downloaded the app .

How to install and use Kingroot APK in android device

Step – 1 : First of all click on the icon of kingroot APK to open it .

Step – 2 : When you open it you will see a window opened . There will be an option of start root then click on the option of Fix now present at right side of the screen .

Step – 3 : Now after clicking on Fix now option and wait for some time . It will take some time in rooting your device .

Step – 4 : If the app finds your device compatible then , the rooting will get completed in few minutes .

When the rooting gets successfully complete you will see the option rooted on your screen . Now you are able to enjoy all of the features and better performance of your device .

How to install and download the Kingroot app on PC

For downloading the Kingroot PC you need to follow the same steps as you used for the android device .

Step – 1 : First of all you need to install an android emulator like bluestacks to your device . Install bluestacks from the online links provided for it or you can also directly go to the websites official link of Kingroot , Click on the link and and download the app .

Step – 2 : Your download will begin in few seconds . Now wait till the downloading gets completed .

Step – 3 : Now go to the download section , click on the downloaded file .

Step – 4 : Next , install the file on you PC .

Step – 5 : Open the kingroot apk after it successfully gets downloaded.

Step – 6 : For rooting your device you need to follow the same steps as you did for android . Open the app .

Step – 7 : Now you will see a option of root then go to the fix now option and click on it.

Step – 8: Your device will get rooted in few minutes after the loading gets completed.

Step – 9 : Now , you have successfully rooted your device .

How can you Unroot your device?

After unrooting your device you can also get back in the original state. If you want to do this then follow the below steps –

Step – 1: Go to your google play store and search for Super SU app in the search bar .

Step – 2: After getting the app click on the install option present at right corner of the mid screen .

Step – 3: After installing , Open the app .

Step – 4: Scroll down to find the option of Full Unroot . After finding click on it .

Step – 5: Wait few seconds, Now your device is in the original form you are successful.

Features of Kingroot APK

1 . It is a very popular app for rooting as it is easy and safe to use.

2 . It allows just a single click rooting of your device.

3 . It is the most trusted tool for your device.

4 . This app the quality of supporting highest number of devices as any other can .

5 . This app basically supports 104136 models of the android devices .

6 . Kingroot gets updated frequently with regular bug fixes and new features .

7 . King root apps has 98.2 % of success rooting in rooting any android device.

Kingroot is basically a very good app which is easy to use with all protections , it will increase the rate of performance and functionality of your device . You can update it regularly when ever any new updates comes to enjoy the new features . You know that rooting your device will give you the full access over your device you will be able to install or uninstall any app with your own choice , you will not be needed to give any permission further more after rooting . Most of the users root their device to unlock basic [premium features specially those which are not legal or opening or hacking the levels characters if games , buying credentials free of cost. You can also do this just by rooting your device .

The success rate of Kingroot is very high with out any severe complaints . Allover I must say it will be a very useful device for those users who wanted to root their phone or PC safely . Although rooting is risky and can cause severe problems or damage to your device but the chances of this are very low if you use the Kingroot app . We have told you all of the steps and procedure of downloading the app , installing the app and how to use it . We also make you aware about the positive points and negative points of the app . So , now it is totally up to you , if you want to root your device or do not want to root it . I hope you will not be going to face any problem in the app if you root your device after reading this article but if the problem persists then you can ask freely . Enjoy this new and latest experience of rooting .

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s )

Ques – 1: Is there any damage caused by downloading the  king root app?

Ans 1 : Kingroot app helps in converting any device into rooted device. But if you do not know the proper steps and procedure of how to root you device safely then it will be very risky to download and use the app and can damage your device very seriously. For that you have to download this app only from trusted sites .


Ques – 2 : What are the unique features of this app?

Ans 2 : It is the most common and trusted app downloaded by thousands of users to root their android device . Some of the features are –

  • It is the trusted tool for rooting your android phone or PC .
  • It helps in uninstalling un used system apps those can only be disabled , which you were not be able to uninstall on your normal device .
  • This app allows you to have full access over your device .


Ques – 3: Will it also be able to block the unnecessary ads on the device?

Ans 3 : The ads that comes between the playing of games or using the other app are seems to be disturbing alot . There is  a solution of it which is kingroot app that helps to block the app and use the device ads free which does not let you to disturb while you are working .


Ques – 4: Does this app also improves the battery life of my device?

Ans 4 : Well now a days there are many apps which are draining the battery in a very large amount. When you use the apps on your device you can easily see that your battery consumption rate is very high means the battery is vanishing in front of your eyes very rapidly. But rooting the device can be the solution of this problem . Rooting your device will improve the battery power and low consumption rate .


Ques – 5: Is it possible to unroot the device again?

Ans 5: Yes , if you have rooted your device and want to unroot it then it will not be difficult to unroot it

  • To unroot device you have to follow some steps as they have also been mentioned in the article –

– First of all you have to install supersu or other managing app from the google play store

  • Open the app and go to the setting menu of the app .
  • Now click on the unroot device option which you will find in the list when you scroll down .
  • Now you will got your original device which is unrooted .


Ques – 6: Does kingroot support all of the android devices?

Ans 6: No, it is not compatible with all android phones but it supports most of the models of Android .


Ques – 7: Which is the latest version of kingroot app and when it arrives or updated?

Ans 7: The latest version of this app is v5.2.2 and it was updated on 26 September 2017.


Ques – 8: What is the downloading size of the app?

Ans 8: The maximum size of this app is around 20.43MB.


Ques – 9: Why should I use kingroot app for rooting my device?

Ans 9: There are some basic major things in kingroot app which makes you comfortable like –

  • It is very easy to use and does not need any extra care to handle.
  • It basically does not harm your device
  • It allows you a single click rooting which means root your device in few seconds


Ques – 10: After updating will I lose my previous rooting? If yes, then what should I do?

Ans 10 : After updating the rooting app you will automatically loose your previous root due to the some new features and changes in the app . So don’t update your device with kies or odin for Samsung device . I will suggest OTA update to protect the rooting of your device or if you accidentally updated your software then you meed to make your device to root it again .


Ques – 11: Will kingroot void the warranty of device?

Ans 11: Yes, it is possible that kingroot app will void your warranty. Rooting of your device or damaging the tampering of device will void the warranty as it is illegal in terms and conditions of companies warranty and they have all rights to decline it . In most of the case rooting the device makes the  damage in hardware of the device. You can do one thing if you are taking your device to customer service center then first of all unroot it . Mostly the unrooted device does not let the others to know whether this device was rooted before or not so after unrooting you will get the warranty again .


Ques – 12: Will after rooting through kingroot app I will lose my data from the phone ?

Ans 12: No , generally it does not affect your data from your phone but in some cases like any damage or interruption it might be possible you can loose your data . So , In this case if you are tensed and worry about loosing the data keep a backup of your data so that it can be restored after loosing. But most probably it will not affect your data.


Ques – 13 : Root is failed in my device. What should I do now?

Ans 13 : You did not need to worry. It might be happen sometimes . Relax for sometime try to root your device again after waiting . You may be surely able to root your device very easily and comfortably now .


Ques – 14 :  Is rooting my device is important?

Ans 14 : No , rooting device is not important it is completely up to you that you want your device to root or not . Rooting gives the more access to you on your android device. It will help you to use more advanced program and making your phone different from others . It will help you to increase more and more experience of android phones . The most advanced level of gaming can be played after rooting your device which needed purchasing for unlocking but after root you need not to spend any thing over it . Many app hacking apps or game hacking apps can be downloaded in rooted device only like freedom apk . So in a simple word we can say that it will increase your fun and enjoyment .


Ques – 15: How do I get back the warranty of my device ?

Ans 15 : After unrooting your device you will automatically get back the warranty of any android phone .


Ques – 16 : I am unable to remove Kingroot permantely from my device . What should I do ?

Ans 16 : It happens sometime , as when you install the kingroot to your device like of Sony , Huawei , Samsung and others the rooting close downs the protection mechanism of system temporarily due to which you are not able to uninstall or remove the kingroot app . You need not to worry for this we have a solution for this too you just need to reboot or reset your device then the system protection mechanism will be activated again now root your device again by using Kingroot and then unroot it immediately . After this you are successful in removing Kingroot from your device .


Ques – 17 : Everyone says that rooting is dangerous and damage the device . Should I do this or not ?

Ans 17 : Yes , this is true that rooting your device is risky as sometimes the interruption and wrong procedures can seriously damage your device . You just only need to take proper care as Kingroot is very easy and safe to you so if you root your device with this app then most probably you will not face any problem .

It is all up to your choice that you want to root your device or not .


Ques – 18: Does king root has been checked?

Ans: Yes Kingroot app has been checked properly for its safety purposes for users . It has been checked for viruses , malware or any bug issue in the app . You can trust it completely just only take care to download it from the official link .


Ques – 19: I am unable to root my phone by using Kingroot APK ?

Ans 19: It happens sometimes that you will not be able to root your device by using Kingroot Android. It happens because your device is not compatible with Kingroot . The all over you can do is wait till the new update comes and check whether your device is compatible or not , you can also go through the previous versions of Kingroot APK or one king root APKfor checking compatibilty with your device.


Ques – 20: How will I be able to know that my device has been rooted?

Ans: There are several methods of checking that your device has been rooted or not .

1 . When you root your device with help of Kingroot apk then at last you will see an option rooted this means that your device has been successfully rooted .

2 . After rooting you device will become compatible to those apps which were not be able to installed previously .

3 . You will see or feel that the battery life of your device has been increased dramatically after rooting ,

4 . The performance of your device will increase then before , you will enjoy using your device after rooting .