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How social listening hong kong can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.


Four reasons agencies should engage insocial listening

2020has beenan era of radical change.Increasingly, the brandswerecognize and cherishare beingaskedto play a largerrole in shaping the worldwelive in.

More than ever ,agenciesrequire a better approachto listen.As we showed inourmost recent industry report,organizations that utilize social listeningcan help their clients createmore value, better understandtheircustomers, and providemore engagingwork.However, those who opttodo nothingaredependent on thetraditional heuristics and intuitionon their own.

Stillnot convinced?Here’s four reasons why youragencyshould consider investing in social mediaright now.

1. Finding valuable consumer insights

Intoday’s highly connected world it is essential for brands tobeaware of their customers their needs, objectives,and views.

Themost discussed topicwithinour digital marketing agency hk report wasthe interplaybetweenbrands and consumer insight.Consumers have their own concerns thatagenciesare in a position to address and they’remoreloud than ever.

Conversation Clustersa user-friendlyvisualization toolthat allows you toquickly understand, discover,andvisualize the relationship betweenany topic with aglance.

HTML0Equipped with social mediainformation, agencies can helptheirclients in buildingdeeper, more meaningful relationswith their customers.

Social listeningaids agencies in findingfacts that givethem anedge.This could be asolution toa problem inan area of a population that is under-represented or a fresh perspectiveon a product to supportthe pitch of an idea.

For one agency this was a creativeresponse to a lockdown craze.Through tapping into the massiveappeal of the videogame Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Ogilvy Toronto delivered oneamong the most influentialcollaborations oftheyear.In five consecutive days, gamershad the opportunitytrade their turnips,one ofthe game’s most valuable itemsto donate food(ain total worth $25,000).

Ultimately, agencies that use social listening to gather consumer insights are better placed to frame their client’s goods and services in a contextually-relevant way.


Before the advent ofsocial media, most advertisingand communications agencies relied onlower-end metrics like salesfor gauging the effectivenessin their advertising campaigns.While there’s nothing fundamentallywrong with this,it can be a bitofan instrument that isn’t as effective.

These days, agencies requirebetter ways to understandandunderstand the valuetheyprovide totheir clients.Listening carefully to social mediaallows your agency to have morecontrolover your client’s campaignsby allowing instant feedback from multiplechannels.You can also segment stratify, prioritize, and selectchannels thatoffer thebest information that is needed.

To begin, forexample, you can seean overviewabout the potential impact of acampaign or hashtagortalking point , along withan engagementmeasure likepotential reach.You can thendig deeper.Being able to focuson the valuable data streamscollected fromFacebook, Instagram, Twitter (plusa host ofoffline sources)can give you an extensivepicture of how your customers feelabout your brand, and also your creativity.

Being able to pinpointwho’s saying what and -crucially – howtheythink about your clientswith a solution such as the analysis of sentiment, providesa wonderfulillustration of how efficient formsoffeedback through social listeningcan help agencies stay proactive.Our industry report foundclearly a link betweenpositive sentiment for an adcampaign – Nike’s “You can’tStop Us’ commercial -and sentiment for the agencythat developed it, as anexample(Wieden+Kennedy).

Topic analyticscan help you recognizeconnections between topics, givingthe user a powerful waytovisualize important connections.

3. Crisis management

Consumers are louderthanthey have ever been.Furthermore, their voicecan be heard across the globe,inreal time.

It is not surprising thatthe management of crises is a majorpart of social ear.agencies that identify problems whentheyare discovered have an advantageover theirrivals.In addition, they are able toprotect their clients better.

A sound social listening strategycan assist agencies across arange of crisis management scenarios.The complaints of defective products can becomereal-time conversations that address problems or gather information toaddress negative opinions.Sudden shifts in public opinionare now manageable.Feedback on creatives that are not well-received becomesa guide to adjust onor, inserious cases to find a new direction.

In the end, social listening aidsagenciesto be guardians of thebrands theycollaboratewith. Itaids in keeping clients informedof any issues they maymiss and provide thenecessary information to makean informed and measuredaction, in a group.

4. Competitive intelligence

Our report on the agency industry looked atthemarket’s challengesin 2020.As the pandemic plunges the world’seconomies intochaos, agencies arefinding new ways to innovateandexcel. Competitive intelligence isone ofthe ways. Inthe simplest sense, social listening tools lets youaccess the most importantconversationspeople have not been having aboutyou.

Yourcompetitors havetheir own methods and strategiesfor success.Likeyou, they’veput intime and money building them.Through social listening, companiesare able to tap into conversationsabout why and howdifferent brands are successful:

  • What’s driving the popularityof aspecificcampaign?

  • How are brands leveragingspecific media in order to makethemostimpact?

  • How can you measure yourselfon the other side of the coin?

With the help of asocial listeningsystem that is able to gather competitive intelligence, it can beseamlessly integrated into your go to marketstrategy. Without it youwill have to operatein a vacuum, lacking the essential informationto navigate an ever-changingworld.IfDarwintaught us anything, it’s that only thoseliving things that adaptendure.

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